Best Beach in the Caribbean

What’s the best beach in the Caribbean? I think it’s Valley Church Beach in Antigua! Before I visited this port of call I researched and researched the different beaches of the island.  Did you know that there’s a different beach for every day of the year on Antigua?!

That makes it kind of hard to chose don’t you think? I remember reading a review from a very well traveled woman who said Valley Church Beach was her all-time favorite … and she had been to beaches all over the world. I decided to try it out on our visit and am I glad I did!! I can now say it’s my favorite beach in the world.

We took a local bus (jitney) from the cruise port area (we had to walk a bit), and enjoyed seeing the island as we traveled there. I will never forget the landscape, it was amazing!

We made a vlog of our visit to Antigua. Well, there’s actually two vlogs. One vlog getting off the ship and getting to the local bus and the other vlog is of the beach itself.


I had never seen such a calm, clean, quiet, gorgeous beach in all my life! The water felt amazing! I was very buoyant in the water but it didn’t have that sticky salty feel like some beaches do. It felt more like being in fresh spring water than ocean water. It was extremely quiet and natural … there weren’t vendors trying to sell you stuff or tons of tourists.


I have been dreaming of going back to Valley Church Beach in Antigua on a cruise and my personal favorite cruise line is Norwegian and they are now sailing to this cruise destination! We had visited on a Costa ship and at that time Antigua was an exotic port. Since Hurricane Irma caused so much damage to St. Martin it’s now a more common port which makes me happy because Antigua is my favorite port in the Eastern Caribbean!

I hope that you will get the opportunity to visit this gorgeous island. If you want to go to Valley Church Beach or any of the other 364 beaches I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. The local transportation is easy to get to from the cruise dock and there’s lots of shopping and dining options along the way, including a local market selling produce and local crafts.

If you’re a beer drinker and like to try local brews make sure to try Wadadli, it’s great! You can find it in the local bars and restaurants and also in the convenience stores where it’s cheaper.  Another great drink to try while you’re there is Ting! It’s a citrus flavored soda (similar to Sprite but more refreshing in my opinion) and it’s flavored with Jamaican grapefruit and has no preservatives. They call it Island Sunshine in a Bottle, and I agree!

Happy travels everyone, and please share with us your best beach in the Caribbean in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Best Beach in the Caribbean

  1. My favorite thing from your vlog is learning about different ports of call. Like Antiqua having a beach for each day of the year. I never knew that. You always give great information.


  2. I love EVERYTHING about everything you do! You help me wind down from my day and help me “get away” for a minute. I always look forward to new videos on YouTube. I have a smart tv and watch them there. Thanks for ur tips on unpacking. The little gift bag would be awesome. Can’t Believe you are giving it away. 🤗 safe travels and thx for sharing!!


  3. Hi This is Michelle Harmon I was just wondering how much do I have to put deposit down for the trip group trip in 2019 December can you please let me know thank you


  4. Hey Amy , I love and watch your videos ….Omg I live thru your families videos ….I can not get out of the house and will never be able to go on a cruise ..but I get to see what all goes on just because you do what you do !!!!! I’m a beach girl at heart …lol or old woman I’m 59 and in a wheelchair …Just want ya to I love your videos and so sorry I’m not on disability and have no income so I cant send ya any money …Ummm my husband of 40 yrs in April supports me and he a good man bless his heart !!!! Just wanted ya to know you reach out to peeps that cant get out !!!!!!! Love your family !!!!


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