We’re taking a last-minute cruise!

It’s the fifth month of May and I’ve yet to cruise this year … but it has been on my mind. I was waiting for the right cruise to appear … and it did!

Two cruises tempted me this week, and both were last minute. The first was on the Norwegian Dawn out of Miami Florida and the second was on the Norwegian Sun out of Port Canaveral. Both were three day cruises, and both were basically the same price.

What I didn’t know then, but know now, is that the Sun cruise is an open bar cruise, which basically means all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages throughout your entire cruise … so that pretty much makes it the best deal between the two if you enjoy drinking. (The best thing about open bar cruises with Norwegian? They don’t charge you the additional beverage package service charge that you have to pay when you a. purchase a package and/or b. get the ultimate beverage package for free)

Anyway, back to the last minute planning. I was really interested in the Dawn because it’s a larger, newer ship than the Sun, and also it went to Key West, whereas the Sun went to Nassau. (Both itineraries went to Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian’s private island in the Bahamas)

I ultimately decided on the Sun because of one reason, and one reason only. It was close to home. The thought of driving one hour in comparison to four really, really sounded nice to me, especially since this was a last minute cruise. At the time of booking I had a three day cruise countdown!

So the Norwegian Sun it was!! Time to start packing!


As always I take great pleasure in vlogging my travel adventures for you guys and sharing them on Sea Cruisers YouTube so watch for this new series to start on Thursday May 9th, 2019 at 2pm Eastern.

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Happy cruising guys, and take care!


2 thoughts on “We’re taking a last-minute cruise!

  1. Wow nice to hear from you guys I hope all is well so you decided on the sun out of Port Canaveral how much is it and give me the details please

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